3 Simple Rules to Follow to Create a Memorable Logo

Setting up your own company, whether that be a fashion shop, catering business or web design agency, can come with many difficulties and hurdles – there are features you must ensure you have to stand out among the crowd.

Did you know that 94% of the world’s population recognises the Coca Cola logo?

One key element of owning a company is your logo. A logo is something your audience will hopefully remember you by as it should become the face of your company name. A logo is put in place to visually communicate the identity of your business and should be made up of elements that represent your brand in the best way possible. For example, if you have a bakery, maybe a cupcake or pastry chef would be a fun and memorable logo-conveying the reason behind the shop straight away.

There are several characteristics that can be behind a logo. So, to help you produce the best one possible we will discuss below the top 5 ways to ensure your business logo is remembered by consumers and you can continue to grow your brand.

Keep It Simple

Simple sells when it comes to creating a logo and less really is more when you want to create something captivating and memorable. Many people make the mistake of putting too much information in their logo which can really distract the audience from the real point or concept.

The best and most successful logo designs are classic and easy to understand. When designing, you can create an image or shape paired along with your company name and that would be it. Simple yet effectively getting the point across (which is to get your brand name and image out there).

Before starting, you should research into other logos to see what people have created to gain both inspiration, and to ensure you don’t come up with an idea that has already been made.

Remember, does the logo show what you are trying to sell?

Source: www.apple.com

One excellent example of a simple but effective logo is Apple. The sleek design explains the brand name whilst also portraying the high-quality standards that are held by this global tech giant.

Flexibility in Size

The flexibility of a logo is also a very important detail to think about. Your logo will hopefully be placed on many things such as building fronts, billboards, advertisements or magazine covers. Therefore it is vital that you create a logo that can adapt in size, to be made larger and also scaled down to the tiny size of an Instagram profile picture for example.

The way many people overcome this task is to create a logo with an image in full scale, as if it were to only be placed on a shop front. Then to scale it down to ‘internet size’ then they would crop the words down to a single letter. Keeping the same color scheme and font so the attributes are still recognisable as your brand – just a lot smaller.

Or, instead of scaling down to a letter, you could just use your image – if you have one. For example, like I said earlier, if you were using a cupcake as your image, scaling your logo down to just that with no name or writing, would be a perfect fit for a small profile picture.

Colour Scheme

The colours of your logo can really make or break it. You don’t want to create an image that overpowers its audience in an array of vibrant colours, but then you do not want to be overshadowed and cast into the background from using only subtle neutral tones. It’s difficult what colour to decide on in order to achieve a complementary mix of colours. Colour is a lot more impactful than many realise, it could be the one thing that draws users towards it.

Did you know that out of the top brands in the world, 95% use one or two colours in their logo? And 33% of them use the colour blue.

A successful logo is one that works in full colour or in single colour applications. This means that the logo should be impactful in full-colour scheme and everything you have chosen, but when changed to completely black for example, it would still convey the same idea (possibly not as dramatic but still the same reasoning).

You also want your colour scheme to reflect your company style. If you are a group of social media influencers, you can use brighter colours in reflective designs possibly. However, if you are a corporate law company, sticking to the neutral, calmer tones would probably create the perfect design.

One thing that you should try to avoid when designing your logo, is the use of clip art. Every logo should be original and individual to tell users about the company. Using clipart completely takes away the personality as you are using something that’s already been created, and that anyone could use. As well as this, using clipart could portray a rushed process of design to the potential consumer. If anything, it shows that you’re settling on one simple idea for an easier and cheaper process.


As a business, you will want your logo to create impact and drive up how many people can remember your brand. Creating the perfect logo is hard, so ensure you have enough time to produce something that will work and don’t be afraid to test out a few ideas.

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