3 Steps To Revealing A New Product

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Revealing a new product is such an exhilarating time. You’ve been working on this idea for many months – maybe even years – and it’s finally time to reveal it to the world. This has been your baby, and like any proud parent, you’re keen for everyone to accept it and be as amazed as you are.

Launching a product requires more skill than you might think. It’s easy to assume you can just click your fingers and, ta-da, your product is there. You could do this, but it’s doubtful that you’d see the desired effect. People need to be amazed and eagerly anticipating this new product. So, what do you do?

Below, you’ll find a few steps to follow to reveal your new product. Now, this is relevant to anyone starting a business and showing off their products for the first time. Equally, it relates to businesses that are already up and running but have a new item coming out. Either, way, here are the steps to follow:


Step 1: Sow the seeds

The first step is letting people know a new product is on the horizon. Here, you give almost no details away at all. It’s literally a chance to sow the seeds in people’s minds and tell them to keep a lookout. Companies do this all the time, and it has become a really popular tactic in the age of social media marketing.

You can see from the post below that there are many ways to go about this. The example I’veI chose shows a lot of designs for trainers, without revealing what the final design is for the product. There’s barely a caption, which grabs people’s attention. Instantly, you’re aware that a new product is in the works. You’re seeing the research process and have example designs to zoom in on if you wish. It works really well at getting you excited and keen to learn more.


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Step 2: All aboard the hype train

When the seeds have been sewn, you move on to the next stage: generating hype. Here, you take a more active role in revealing bits and pieces to your audience. You may give them a glimpse of part of the product. You could reveal some specs, and so on.

This begins months before your product is released or revealed. It’s called the hype train as you gradually pick up speed the closer you get to your big reveal. So, start with slightly more information than your original post that sowed the seeds. Perhaps reveal a release date, or maybe provide a slightly more revealing photo. Then, as the date gets closer, you feed more information to the people. You see this all the time with smartphone releases. Samsung and Apple will always start off slow with something simple like a product name. Then, they gradually release bits of info on the phone specifications, like the screen size, processing power, camera quality, etc. It hypes everyone up and gets them eager for the release. If you do this, then you’ll have people so keen to see your product when the reveal date arrives.

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Step 3: The big reveal

Hype has been generated, there’s a buzz in the air, and you’ve reached your reveal date. Now, what’s the best way to do this? Could you announce it on social media? You could, but you want to make it bigger than a post. Instead, hold a press conference to reveal your product to the media.

Again, smartphone companies do this all the time, but so do lots of other businesses. The idea is you get lots of press in one room and talk about your product. Here, you display it for the first time to gasps from the crowd. The key to a successful reveal is backing it up with a presentation. Companies like Buffalo 7 can help you put together a professional presentation that will impress the audience. This could precede the product reveal as you can talk more about the details, what it does, why it’s so amazing, and so on. If anything, this will build hype to bursting point, where you finally show off the product itself.

Live stream the entire conference so all your followers can watch it on social media as well!

By following these three steps, you will make people excited about your new product. It doesn’t come out of the blue, and you spend months teasing and making people so eager to find out what your product looks like and what it’s capable of. In turn, this can help you make lots of sales straight away.

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