3 Ways to Involve Customers in the Product Design Process

It can be stressful having to design a new product. If your previous product was such a success, how can you get the next one to immediately take off as well? How will you know that it’s something that your customers will want? Business owners will be spending countless hours trying to develop a new product whether it be just a brainstorming session, market research, endless hours with their design team, all in trying to answer questions on what their customers want. 

While creating a product can indeed be difficult, it doesn’t need to be as difficult as you may think. One of the easiest ways to make sure that you have a winning product would be to reach out and include your customer in the process. These tips will help you and your customers during the design process when it comes to creating a new product. 

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Testing out prototypes

A great way to improve a product or to develop product ideas would be to have a prototype stage. This stage is very important as this allows for input so the prototype can be changed. This stage is excellent for regular customers and customers who aren’t familiar with your product but have enough knowledge of the industry your business is in. There are plenty of ways to find testers during the prototype stage. Many companies will hire a market research company, so they can find the right people for the feedback.

If you’re wanting to cut out the middleman, then going to a trade show and having a table there can work immensely too. That way you’re in the right crowd so you’ll know you’ll find customers from within your industry. Looking through SOC can help protect your business while you’re focusing on creating new products. Advertising your prototype on social media such as Facebook is another great way to find familiar customers as well, you’ll get plenty of interest and it could be a more cost-effective way of getting the product tested as well.

Check past reviews

As a business owner, you need to read reviews from your customers and heavily consider this feedback. You’ll often find that customers will leave ideas for improvement for the product. Reviews are one of the best places to start when trying to come up with new ideas. This gives you an idea of how to improve your current product and how you can make a new product. Go through as many reviews as you can and even try to look online such as online forums to see if there’s been any discussion or comments over your business or product. If you don’t want to go through hundreds of reviews, having an email campaign encouraging customers to leave feedback in exchange for coupons or discounts can be helpful as well.

Talk with the community

Whether this community is other business owners in the industry or your tribe of loyal customers. These people share a common ground as they will have enough knowledge of your brand and products. Be open to getting advice as they are only wanting to help. It’s important to foster with the community as they are going to be there to help out. The conversations that you have can spark so many ideas that can help with creating new and improved products. Use places such as social media to create this connection. It’s also important to continue building a strong positive work culture and the environment if you have employees as they are only wanting to help as well.



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