Dealing With The Time-Consuming Aspects of Business

It’s a funny old thing, running a business. You think that the bulk of your time will be spent developing all of your awesome ideas, but in actual fact, what actually happens is that you spend far too many hours working your way through the more mundane aspects of running a business. It’s just part of the deal of running a company! However, it would be nice to free up some of that time, wouldn’t it? Below, we take a look at four ways you can reclaim some of your time without compromising the functionality of your business.


Time for Employees?

Some might say that there’s something noble about trying to build a business up all on your own. But others would say it’s a foolish mistake, and it’s hard to disagree with them. While you’d like to keep the money you’d spend on a salary for other things, there’s a reason why companies hire staff — it’s to make them run smoother. If you’re drowning in all the work that’s on your desk as you try to build a company, it might be time to hire your first member of staff.  

Outsourcing the Work

Of course, hiring one or two members of staff isn’t going to solve all of your issues. There are many different sides to running a business that need to be taken care of, and you can’t hire an employee for all of them. This is where third-party companies can come in. You’ll be able to use them on an as-needed basis for things like developing a marketing strategy, handling your legal matters, and so on. You’ll want to vet any company you work with beforehand, but if you get it right, you can free up much of the time that’s dragged down by repetitive and complicated tasks.

Software Options

You have to thank your lucky stars that you’re running a business in the modern world, and not in, well, any time before twenty years or so ago. Today, you can find software that can streamline virtually every aspect of your business. Some will automate the tasks you do again and again, which can significantly boost your productivity. Others, meanwhile, can help free up time and keep the company legal — MTD Software, for example, will help businesses remain compliant with the changing rules. Whatever time (or other) problem you’re facing, look at incorporating software that’ll help to solve the issue.

Connecting With Others

Many business owners are good at pointing at the aspects of their business that obviously waste time, but they’re less adept at identifying the things that appear to be good for their business, but aren’t — and just waste time. An example of this would be meetings, which have been shown to be, well, not completely useless, but a bad use of time. Cut them out entirely, and find better ways to connect with others — cloud storage and websites like Slack can boost collaboration, for instance. If you need to talk with someone, do so directly, rather than in a long group meeting.

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