Do These 5 Things To Bring More Joy Into Your Life

Sometimes life becomes so busy that you miss moments of joy. Whether they are small or large, take time out of your everyday routines to observe and enjoy the world around you. 

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Read More Poetry

Your internal voice may keep saying, “Read more!” but how do you find the time or sometimes the inclination? Instead of committing to the next great novel, make it easy and seamless by signing up for a poetry newsletter that will bring a Poem of the Week directly to your inbox. It will be a chance to receive exposure to a new author or genre or even revisit some old friends. This England is a wonderful example and opportunity to celebrate prose with the elemental Bard. William Shakespeare has brought the world a magnificent array of writings for all to enjoy. This excerpt from the play Richard II is thought-provoking in its short length. It is enough to whet your appetite for more and keep you coming back to it all day long.


Observe Nature

The world outside of your home is beginning to brighten and burst with colour and nature this time of year. After the gloominess of rain-filled and cloudy days, sunshine is near. The outdoors beckons you to come and visit and then stay awhile. Make a standing date with yourself and add it to your calendar to go outside every day. Begin a new habit by documenting what you see. Take a picture of the same tree or plant each day and notice what changes occur as the spring season advances into summer. Bring a book and a blanket with you to enjoy the fresh air even longer.


Be Mindful

Being aware of where you are both physically and mentally within a moment will prove invaluable in clearing your mind. Practising mindfulness is an opportunity to be present in your life. Here is a short tutorial to get started.


Write a Letter

There is something cathartic about the process of letter writing. First, you choose your intended recipient. Since you are putting forth an effort in writing the letter, it is likely someone you care about. Next, select the paper or stationary. This can be a simple or creative task depending upon your preferences. There is a wide variety of paper colours, designs, and weights. Find a favourite pen with the perfect ink colour to complement the paper you select. Now it is time to write. Conversing via regular mail is a lesson in care, patience, and anticipatory joy when the mail arrives. Once the return letter is in your hand, you will not feel pressured to answer immediately as you do with texts and emails. You can take the time to enjoy the written words and lovely handwriting just as they are.


Start Something New

Perhaps you have always wanted to start a new hobby. Now is the best time to try (instead of waiting for the never-present “someday”). With the proliferation of online tutorials, you will find a guide to teach you your new skill without even having to leave your home. Or, when the lockdown is lifted, you can meet with people in person and enjoy personal contact again. You may have even been considering starting your own business. With the multitude of resources and outsourcing options, if you have an idea that sparks your joy, give it a try. Otherwise, you will never know if you can succeed. You might find your next best thing.

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You all live in a busy and chaotic world. The past year has brought it to the forefront for many. Take the time to find happiness and joy in your day-to-day experiences to bring more positivity into your life.

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