Don’t Panic, Great Hires Are At Your Fingertips

When you’ve put in the long hours making your business a success you’ll know just how passionately you feel about it and how handing over just of some of that responsibility to someone else can feel like a very big deal indeed.

But if your business is growing and you do need to take on some extra staff, then don’t panic; let the experts guide you on finding the best staff for your business and how to start the hiring process.

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Recruiting can be a challenge but with our hacks you’ll make the process more stress-free in whatever field you’re looking to hire extra help. Whether you manufacturer parts of are a digital marketing agency such as Figment you’ll want to follow a plan.

As you did with your business idea, just start at the beginning and make a plan of everything you’re going to need your hire to do. You’re going to need to make that quite specific and spell out their responsibilities to make sure you get people who have the individual skills that you require.

Write out too, what you are offering in way of salary and any other added extras such as a company pension or access to further training and progression within the company.

While you might be thinking of taking on an assistant, you might also want to think about delegating some of the more important tasks to them and trust them to take on a more managerial role. This, in turn, will help if you have to recruit more staff further down the line knowing there’s someone available to run the business should you need to carry out interviewing and training,

Once you’ve advertised your post, you might find yourself overwhelmed with applications, don’t panic and don’t rush through selecting candidate to take through to the interview stage.

Mark each application against each person and job specification and only select the applicants that tick most, if not all, the boxes. Read what the applicants say about themselves and any that stand out as being able to add value to the role, mark as a priority.

Don’t rush into the interview process make sure that you are fully ready and armed with a list of questions that offer genuine insight into the person who’s sitting in front of you.

Relax and be engaging and friendly during interviewing. It can be daunting for everyone, exert just a little pressure to see how your candidate copes but not enough that they begin to crumble.

When you do select the right candidate and offer them the position, make sure that you offer them the post with a built-in six month trial period that can be terminated by either side should the role or candidate not be a good fit.

Your business deserves great staff and you deserve a team that you can count on to be as committed to your company as you are. Use our guide to recruit the best and see where great hires can take you.

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