How fresh articles on your site increase sales

Whatever industry you’re in, if you don’t make sales, you don’t have a business. Sales drive your cash flow, your plans for the future, everything. 

If you’ve read the other articles in my series on the benefits of creating fresh articles for your site, you may be thinking, ‘Come on Mike. Talk turkey. Can fresh articles make me any money?’. I’m here to say yes. Fresh articles can lead to increased sales. I say ‘can’ because increasing your sales takes more than an amazing article. But if you do it right, fresh articles are an integral part of the sales process. Here’s how.

Articles bring visitors

Firstly, fresh articles drive visitors to your site. Fresh articles help you rank higher on Google. Articles that provide value to your visitors will be shared over social media, exponentially growing your site traffic. I go into more detail on these points in other articles here and here, so feel free to have a read. Once these visitors come to your site, they’re in your world and you’re in theirs. It’s not a sale, but it can be if you treat them right.

Articles create desire

Next, fresh articles can make visitors to your site desire your product or service. If your articles provide value, they will make the reader convince themselves that they want to buy from you. You don’t need to give it the hard sell. Simply write with your audience in mind, educate and entertain them. If your business is selling a product, explain the benefits of it, compare it to the alternatives. If you’re providing a service, your articles could provide a large amount of value, but hold something back until you have the sale.

Articles drive your sales

There are a myriad of ways to convert site traffic into leads and leads into sales. I’m a writer, not a marketer, so I’ll leave explaining those ideas to the specialists. However, you could sell freemium products, which are more fresh articles. Signing visitors up to an eNewsletter is effective because you can promote your products and, you guessed it, fresh articles. Articles can be the fuel that drives your sales process. Articles can drive your visitors from an introduction to a call to action.

Which leads me nicely on to…

If you think fresh articles on your could increase your sales, but don’t know where to begin, talk to someone who does. A copywriter will help you identify your audience, what makes them buy, and what articles will succeed. 

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