How fresh articles on your website power your authority

If you want to know how to run an international airline, you’d probably seek the opinion of Sir Richard Branson. If you’re curious about how to bake a fruitcake, you’d ask Mary Berry. Who is the go-to person in your industry? The authority. Is it you? Would you like it to be?

We’d all like to be thought of as the leading authority in our industry. Not only does it boost your self-esteem, it boosts your sales. Creating consistent, fresh articles or blogs for your site is an effective way of building your authority. As part of my series on the benefits of posting relevant articles regularly, here’s how it works.

Here is the news

The only constant in business is change. If you post informative articles on developments in your industry, when they happen, it shows the world that you have your finger on the pulse. As all industries move quickly, it gives you a regular opportunity to show your expertise to your audience. It also gives you an opportunity to express an opinion, to position yourself as a thought leader in your field. 

Questions, questions

If you create articles that explain how aspects of your industry work, you answer your audience’s questions. This makes your audience think that you know what you’re doing. In addition, when your answer is proved to be correct, it positions you as a trusted source of information. 

For example, if a tap is dripping in my kitchen, the first site I go to that shows me how to fix it will automatically receive my undying gratitude. When another plumbing emergency happens, I’ll go to that site first again. Provide value for your audience and your authority will grow.

Sharing is caring

If your articles provide value for your audience, they will be shared around via social media. This is a multiplier effect for your authority. If one person is helped by an article you wrote and they share it to their network of 100 people, then your name has spread to 100 extra people. When some of those people read and share your article to their networks, you’re multiplying exponentially. The holy grail is if someone who is already an authority figure in your industry finds value in your article, and shares your name with their followers. Vicarious authority.

The path from authority to business

Of course, authority is not a measurable metric. It’s difficult to attribute sales to your perceived authority. However, it’s a fact that people buy from people they know, like and trust. People want to buy from the best. Fresh articles increase your profile, likability and trustworthiness. Just remember to write for your audience, not yourself. Put across your personality. Don’t be boring.

That’s how creating fresh articles on your website boosts your authority in your industry. Are you going to take action? If you need any help with coming up with article ideas, structuring an article, or even writing the thing, let’s make a time to talk. 

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