How precious is your time?

Six months ago, when I started my copywriting business, I told prospective customers that I made top-quality content that would help them reach their goals. Now I tell them that I give them time. That’s because time is the resource you can never replace. Sure, money is important, but if you lose money, you have opportunities make it back elsewhere. Time is gone forever. This is not going to be a hokey time management article. I just want to ask you one question. How precious is your time?

Time is important

When I first started my business I thought I could do everything. I soon realised that there are only 24 hours in a day, and I only have one pair of hands. To run a business successfully (or at least passably, in my case), you need to use the limited time available to drive your business forward. I’m not even talking about doing what you’re best at. I’m talking about doing what’s important. For me, I’m good at writing copy, but what’s driving my business at the moment is finding new clients. My time is best spent looking for business.

Time is valuable

Have you worked out the value of your time? What do you earn per hour? What would you be earning per hour in an ideal world, if you spent your whole day doing only work that powers your business? Is there a big difference?

When you’re running a business, there are lots of jobs that are essential, but don’t move your business forward. If these jobs can be outsourced for an hourly rate that is less that what you could be earning an hour, it makes sense to outsource.


Outsourcing your tasks, bookkeeping for example, frees up your time to spend working on your business. It also makes sense from a financial standpoint as I’ve explained above. There’s also a benefit from a standpoint of quality.

Back to the example of bookkeeping. I’m good with figures. It’s possible that I can look after my own books and do a passable job of it. But is passable enough? A professional bookkeeper will be able to find ways for me to save money, easily paying for his or her fees. No one can be amazing at everything. Sometimes, it’s best to let the pros have a go.

Is content writing a good use of your time?

As well as bookkeeping, you may want to outsource your web design, or aspects of your social media. How about your content writing?

Having fresh content appearing regularly on your website boosts your business in so many ways. It helps build influence in your chosen industry, it helps you rank on Google, and it helps make sales. It should be an integral part of your marketing strategy. However, writing good content takes time. You need to come up with an engaging idea, research it, write and edit it. Plus, is your writing of a good enough standard for the job?

Outsourcing your content writing to a professional copywriter will save you hours staring at a blank page. They will also produce copy that engages, educates and delights your target audience. (Well, I would anyway.)

Think about how you would spend your time at work better. Would you do more of what drives your business forward, what makes money, what you’re best at? If fresh content is on your outsourcing list, why not talk to me about my Blog Bundle. It’s regular, effective copy at a reasonable price. Let’s connect here, or you can email me at

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