How to Build A Solid Online Presence

How to Build A Solid Online Presence

Nearly 80% of end-users employ search engines’ services to gain insight into products before making a decision. Building a strong online presence takes a lot of skill and commitment to make a mark in the virtual world. A solid online presence reinforces your brand image and builds communication channels with your target audience. What strategies can you employ to beat the stiff competition? Here are a few ideas.

  • Search engine optimization

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Website optimization is the driving element for SEO. Apart from it being good for business visibility and brand credibility, it contributes significantly to lead generation and boosting sales. That explains why several businesses or establishments that rank top on a search list receive more visitors and leads. Furthermore, statistics reveal that web users regard a high SEO ranking as a vote of confidence.

The question now is what you must do to optimize your web presence. First and foremost, you need to ensure that your website contains relevant content that a consumer will find useful. Moreover, your content should be easy to understand and persuade a lead to become a customer. As explained on Robben Media, a good SEO strategy offers an opportunity for a higher return on investment (ROI).

  • Social media

Thanks to the host of social media platforms currently available in the digital space, many businesses can put themselves out there to draw customers. Social media builds connections, nurtures digital relationships, and most importantly, makes communication easy for all. The accessibility offered by social media drives these platforms in the 21st century. Unarguably, social media seems to have watered down the authority traditional media used to have.

To get it right, you should harness the power this space provides by establishing a constant link with your target audience. Most business entities do this by quickly responding to customer complaints or offering loyalty rewards on social media platforms. For example, some companies will pose specific questions about their products and services on a digital platform. When loyal customers get it right, they earn additional products or other perks from the company as a reward.  

  • Ensure a mobile-friendly website

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The UK’s mobile internet penetration rate has remained at 72% since 2015. This means that many Brits access websites from their smartphones and tablets rather than from laptops or desktop computers. Additionally, active mobile phone users spend a total of four hours within every twenty-four-hour period on the internet. Most of them are either searching for interesting content on their various social platforms or spending time reading about companies they intend to transact some business with.

Therefore, to benefit immensely from this, you must ensure that your website is mobile-friendly and easy to use. As you offer this, avoid missing out on quality presentations on mobile platforms. Your web developer should be able to use current mobile-responsive templates for this. It’s also best to limit or eliminate pop-ups on your website’s mobile platform.


In conclusion, because the digital space is keenly competitive, you must employ quality strategies to announce a solid online presence. Also, avoid resting on your oars when you achieve a significant online following. By remaining dynamic and trendy, your customers will attach seriousness to your brand.


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