How to get LinkedIn recommendations and grow your business

They’re buried down there on the bottom of your profile, so you might think they’re not important. You’d be wrong, however. If you’re using LinkedIn as a marketing tool for your business, gathering recommendations is an effective way of retaining business, generating leads and growing your revenue. Here’s why.

Social proof

We pack our LinkedIn profiles with all kinds of outlandish claims about how great we are. How we ‘spearheaded’ this and how we’re ‘passionate’ about that. How can anyone know that you’re not totally making it up?

Recommendations are your customers backing up the claims in your profile. The fact that they’re happy to put their reputations on the line and vouch for you in a public arena is a point in anyone’s favour.

When I’m thinking of working with someone in my copywriting business, I always check the recommendations, and that’s why. I know my potential customers are looking at mine too.

LinkedIn recommendations are LinkedIn juice

Believe it or not, people search LinkedIn looking for businesses to buy from. When they do that, you want to be the one they find. When someone is looking for a copywriter, I want that copywriter to be me. Displaying recommendations on your profile can help you achieve this.

If your recommendations contain the keywords that people are searching for, your profile will be displayed more prominently in the search rankings. That’s not an invitation to get your recommenders to stuff their testimonials full of shoe-horned in keywords, but every little helps.

Retain your customers

Grabbing a quick testimonial from a customer gives you a reason to contact them, while you’re talking to them you can try to get them to buy from you again.

Also, when your customer is writing out your recommendation, they’re thinking how much they like you, and what a great job you did.

Recycle your recommendations

LinkedIn makes it easy for your connections to give you recommendations. However, once you have the recommendation you can do what you like with it. You can put it on your Facebook Business Page, or even on a special testimonials page on your website. It’s up to you.

I also like to copy and paste them into individual little LinkedIn posts, so people can see how amazing you are without clicking on your profile.

How to get recommendations

It’s easy to ask for a recommendation via LinkedIn. You just click ‘Ask to be recommended’ on your profile page and go from there. However, I wouldn’t recommend you simply start sending out random recommendation requests. That probably won’t work.

The best thing to do is contact your customers by phone or email and ask them. They’ll usually say yes, so send across the request straight away. Don’t delay. Don’t forget to thank them once they’ve written your glowing recommendation.

As mentioned before, this gives you more opportunities to contact your customer, which is a bonus. You can even offer to write a recommendation for them in return.

Display your recommendations loud and proud on your LinkedIn profile. Reap the rewards.

Over to you

How about you? Do you have any recommendations about recommendations? What’s the best testimonial you’ve ever received? Let me know in the comments.

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