How To Get The Money You Want For Your Freelance Writing Services

Getting the money that you want for your freelance writing services can prove difficult. You don’t want to push your luck and find out that somebody else has secured the contract instead, but you also believe that you should be paid a certain amount for what you’re doing. And fair enough, writing can be pretty hard, and you deserve to earn a good rate for what you’re doing. There are some ways that you can actually do this, and we’ve noted down a few of them below.


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Know your worth

When you first begin taking on writing contracts, you never really know how much you should be paid. Of course, this totally depends upon what you’re doing, and how experienced you are as a writer, but there are some base levels that you should be sticking to, in order to make the project worthwhile. You can find this out by looking at what other writers have to say; perhaps online, or even those that you know personally. Know your worth, and don’t accept any less than this.


Learn how to negotiate

A lot of what you’re paid will depend upon how good you are at negotiating. If somebody throws a figure at you, and you just accept it, then you’re never going to get paid more for your services, and people will take advantage of your inability to pull this off. If this is the case for you, then you need to improve your negotiation skills through training, or maybe just trying it out a few times. Try to justify the higher price: will you need to do more research into the topics and the editing?


Ask for it

The people who invariably get paid well for their freelance writing services are the type of people who just ask for it. Set a rate, and tell the person who is thinking of employing you that this is the minimum that you will accept. You have to be confident here, and tell somebody exactly what you want. In most cases, they won’t have a problem with you doing this. In fact, it helps those busy people who are thinking about employing you to get straight to the point, which they will want!


Build up your portfolio

Your portfolio is what will help to justify your rate, and the more experienced you look (and are), the more people will be willing to pay you. Instead of simply stating that you’ve worked with a few companies, note down what work you did, and give examples if you can. People like to see this kind of thing, as it also helps them to understand the way that you write, and the work that you are likely to produce for them. Build an online portfolio, and you’ll be on your way to securing those high rates.

So, if you want to get the right money for your freelance writing services, then keep these simple things in mind, and you should be getting the income that you want and deserve!

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