How To Motivate Employees At Work

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No business would function without the employees that work within it. This is why it is so important to ensure that those that are employed within your company are driven and motivated. If they leave your company or aren’t putting in as much effort as they should then your company will suffer and you could end up with a declining reputation and losing out on money too. If you are feeling a bit stumped with how to improve the motivation of your employees, we have put together some top ideas for you…


Ensure there is good career progression

When it comes to keeping employees motivated, one of the top things for them is knowing that your company has career progression. After all, no matter your business, whether you are a HR Outsourcing Company, an IT firm or a Marketing business people need to know that their hard work will pay off. Give clear guidelines on how they can progress and if there are certain steps they need to take to do this. Regular appraisals and speaking with your workers to see how they feel about their current position, goals and aspirations can really help with this.


Give praise when it is due

Often employees can lose their motivation when they feel that the hard work they are putting in is going under the radar. It is important to give your employees praise when they have achieved something, or even just for always trying their best. A simple email or phone call is sure to increase their motivation and make them feel much more motivated and appreciated in their daily work.


Offer rewards and incentives

Offering rewards and incentives to your staff is a great way to help them feel acknowledged and like you are grateful for the work that they do. This doesn’t have to be anything overly large or expensive, even something as simple as letting them go home an hour early on a Friday or doing an outing like a team meal or activity can make a big difference. You could also do things such as finding an employee of the month, or giving random monetary incentives if they have done something really well. 


Make them feel that their opinion is valued

It is integral that employees feel like a part of a cog in a large machine rather than someone that is not noticed or valued. Letting them know that their opinions on things such as projects or even the way that the company is run are important, can make a big difference to how they work. Have meetings to hear opinions and if people voice their concerns or thoughts show that you are making an active effort to make this better and you have taken what they have said on board.


These are just a few simple ways that you can motivate your employees at work. By implementing these techniques you will find that soon you have a workforce that is much more dedicated. What are some top ways that you work to ensure your employees feel motivated.

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