Keeping Yourself Healthy When Working In Front Of A Computer

Working in front of a computer has more prolonged damage than you think to your body. A lot of generations prior haven’t had the same upbringing where their free time and work involved sitting and staring at a screen. So in order to keep yourself healthy, it’s important you do these things to when working in front of a computer all the time.

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Do A Health Risk Assessment

A health risk assessment is one that you do when you’re usually working in an office environment. Your HR or operations manager will come over and do display screen equipment training or give you a workstation induction. It’s good to take advantage of this exercise because you can feedback what aspects of your station aren’t working well for you. It might be the distance that you are from your computer or how comfortable your office chair is. By highlighting all these concerns, the company should then go about making those changes to help make you feel more rested.

Give Your Eyes A Rest

Your eyesight is valuable, and there are certain things that are likely to be dangerous for your eyes, a computer screen is one of them. There are things you can put in place to ensure you’re not suffering from dry or sore eyes and regular headaches. Try blue-light-blocking glasses if you find you’re spending more than several hours in front of an electronic device and you’re waking up with sore or tired eyes. Try to take a break from the computer screen every so often to give your eyes a rest. You can also place things on your screen that can reduce the harsh effect that sometimes a computer can have on your eyes. The main thing is to ensure you’re giving your eyes a rest from the computer. Make some time to move about and to have parts of the day where you’re not spending it in front of an office desk.

Manage Your Time

We can all organize our time more effectively, and when you’re at work, this is no different. Consider everything you do within a day and how you can help structure it so that you have a suitable and healthy amount of time in front of the screen and away from it. Set up meetings so that you can encourage more face-to-face time with colleagues and clients, rather than over the phone or on email.

Turn Down The Brightness

Finally, you can make a few changes to the actual screen itself on your computer, in order to make it less abrasive on the eyes. Try to turn down the brightness to a suitable level, especially during the mornings or later on in the day when your eyes may be tired. Look at saturation levels and sharpness too as this can all be of help.

Keeping yourself healthy when working in front of a computer is essential and can often be forgotten about. Use these tips to keep yourself healthy and happy in order to work at your best.

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