Making Your Own Job Benefits As A Freelancer

If you’re someone in the business of freelancing, going out of your way to market yourself 24/7 via your own website or blog interface, then you’re already living out a few of the innate benefits of being self employed. But there’s quite a few job benefits you miss out on, that a traditional workplace would hand over to you – are you happy to work without them?

If you’re missing some of the benefits of the workplace, why not take a few minutes now to come up with a strategy? You have complete control over your career, let’s change smooth out the bugs in the code!


Give Yourself a Proper, Flexible Working Schedule

Whilst you may be flexible by nature, choosing your own clients and projects to work on, you’re going to want to have a little bit of discipline with yourself over how flexible your working hours really are. Maybe you want to spend as little time as possible stuck in front of a computer, and then go out to truly live your life with networking in the field and travelling as you write. Maybe you like to get stuck in to quite a few projects at once, spending reams of hours at your desk.

Either way, make sure you’ve got some flexibility between your working days, and that you’re never getting bored or tired of the schedule you’re currently in. Plan your schedule ahead of time, depending on the work you need to get done – One day, wake up early and spend a couple hours max on your day’s work, seeing as the content is something you’re a dab hand at and flows naturally out of your hand. The next day, work the 5 to 9 in the evening, writing emails out to potential clients and redesigning the website, whilst getting a project completed in the background. You need variance, and this is how you do it!

Be Sure to Save Up

Because you’re not working in a traditional workplace, and you have no employer to keep track of the wages that go your way, there’s a good chance you have no financial benefits in place, other than earning from the work you’re doing. So you’re going to have to come up with your own financial plans, and even implement some kind of Smart Pension program to make sure you’re saving up for the future.

You might want to move into some other kind of work, you might want to take an early retirement, you might just want a vacation that pays for itself – whatever your goals, you’re going to need a financial plan to help them come to fruition.

Your job as a freelancer requires you to be level headed about your own expectations and limitations, so be sure to implement some of your own benefits into your working life. You don’t have a traditional job, and no boss to help you out here, so it’s all up to you to take care of your future career.

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