Marketing Map: Taking Customers On Your Journey

Throughout a business’ life and growth, there will be several different marketing strategies implemented at any given time. You’re trying to achieve many different things at once. These could be things like entering into a new key demographic as a new product has been created for another age group. You’re still, of course, trying to energize your key market with your other already existing products but you want to expand and try new things. Therefore it’s quite conceivable that you have or need to create different ways of keeping your customers interested in what you do. You don’t want them to feel left behind or forgotten so it’s best to keep them informed of what you’re doing. This is because customers will often, step over the consumer group netting and be more interested in you and your business personally. This is a very recent phenomenon whereby consumers want a more personable and human relationship with companies they buy their products and services from.

It’s where brand loyalty begins

It’s amazing but Apple is by far the most powerful brand when it comes to customer loyalty. The customers that buy Apple products tend to be those that have been interested in the company for a very long time. This is all began when Steve Jobs became a friendly figure in the technology industry and for the first time spoke to consumers like they were sat in a bar. There were no long industry jargon words, there wasn’t an overly complex conversation about coding, computer chips, software amalgamation etc. He simply explained his journey of what he wanted to create to consumers. Finally, people on a mass scale understood the challenges of tech companies and how products that change the world are created. You can create a video series where you post a video every week explaining the goals you set out, why and what you achieved. On the other hand it could also be in the form of a blog post.

Transcribe on the go

Owning a small business you’re doing several things in a day. It’s usually medium sized businesses and large businesses that have a linear working day. A small business owner has to be on the move all the time, talking and meeting with clients, moving inventory and maintaining a storage unit to name but a few things. Here you can enquire about off-page SEO techniques that involve the ability to consistently post blogs to your website. Guest blogging is becoming more and more popular, and those that are already familiar with your industry can write blog posts pertaining to the activities that you are doing. On the other hand you can also transcribe by simply recording a short audio file discussing your activities for the day or week and the blogger can write this as a blog post each week or day.

When you take customers on your journey to success, you build up an emotional bond with them. Explain your aims and take them through your average working day either by video recording it for your social media or posting blog posts that are inherently infused with great SEO techniques.

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