Moving Your Business Out Of Your Home Office

You’ve got a small office in your home, and so far it’s been a good place to direct your workflow from. But now comes the time when you want to think bigger and better for your small business prospects, and take your operations a little further in this world – simply put, you want to get a new office! And once you do, you’re going to have a lot more opportunity on your plate, and you’ve got a lot of plans in your head over what to do with them.

So with all that in mind, here’s just a few tips on making sure you can move your home office out into the wide world, and have your business succeed as a result. After all, a successful startup needs a good foundation to build off of.


Take Some Measurements

The first thing you’re going to need to do, when trying to move your home-based office into a more professional setting, is to measure the size of the new office block you’re working with. How does it compare to the office you’ve got back at home? Is it bigger or smaller, or is it about the same size? How many cubicles could you get in there? Now that is a consideration a lot of home business runners don’t tend to take into account.

Know the Essentials to Take With You

There’s going to be a lot of equipment you’ll have to invest in to outfit your new office, and because of that, there’s a good chance a lot of the bits you already own won’t fit into the new space – they might not even be critical for your operations either. And that means you’re going to need to turn to storage solutions – but is there a good chance all the boxes you’re thinking of buying are going to fit into the office as well?

So let’s try and think ahead for this – you might need to look into some long-term storage outside of the professional space. When you have a whole separate storage space to rely on, you can double up on the amount of inventory you get for your new working environment. A spare printer and copying machine, spare furniture to switch out in the break room every other quarter, some spare hard drives for your digital storage – the list has the potential to go on and on.

Allocate Your Departments

You’ve got a new working space that’s going to be bigger than the single room you have back at home, and that means you’ve got a great chance for internal expansion as well. And that means you can start allocating some new departments: the back of the office could have your accounting team, the 4 by 4 room off to the side can be used as the human resource cubicle – they may be relatively smaller areas now, but they’re a great start for a functioning startup.

Ready to move your home business? It’ll be easier than you think!

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