Proactively Grabbing Your Ecommerce Customers

With eCommerce, you have to ensure that your website is designed and products are positioned to appeal to customers who already want them. But an important part of any business is being able to create want and make it easier for customers to discover that want. For that reason, we’re going to look at how to stop simply waiting for sales and to take the fight to be them.

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Get proactive with marketing

When it comes to marketing your small business, then you should ensure that you’re keeping a fine balance between the organic methods mentioned above and the interruptive methods. Organic marketing like SEO and content marketing are undoubtedly effective but when it comes to driving sales, there are few methods that work as well at boosting your immediate results as pay-per-click advertising. Interruptive marketing won’t grab everyone, but you will miss out on customers if you skip it.

Get proactive with support

One of the most important lessons you have to learn about eCommerce is the importance of understanding the barriers between your customers and the point of conversion and getting them out of the way. You can implement many of the solutions you need by addressing website design issues. However, there are others that aren’t as easy to pinpoint from your perspective, so having website chat software can help you get a link to customers immediately. That way, you can welcome them to the site and encourage them to share any issues they have as soon as they have them, so you can better get rid of those barriers.

Get proactive with sales

As mentioned, you want to be able to create and drive want, not only wait for customers to develop it naturally and come to you. The slow trickle of marketing is a great way to do just that and, for that reason, it’s worth looking into establishing an email marketing campaign. The slow feed of information on new products, discounts, and other enticing news from your store can ensure that you’re maximising the lifetime value of the repeat customers that come to the site.

Get proactive with data

If you want to be able to better offer support, market better, and encourage sales more effectively, then it pays to know your customers and to be ready to anticipate what they’re going to want next. We collect more data on our customers than ever and, while we might have trouble parsing it all out, there are AIs that can help you predict customer behaviour much better than you otherwise might. Anticipate their wants and their pain points with predictive artificial intelligence and you can empower your efforts in all the rest of the methods mentioned above.

Building the steps for people to organically discover your business is an effective strategy, but you shouldn’t be content to sit and wait alone. The tips above can help you get active, using your skills to win the customers that won’t come if you only wait for them.

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