Start-Up Ideas To Start In Lockdown

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This year has been a strange one, with unemployment on the rise and wages being cut, we are starting to look for alternative ways we can make money from home. If you are stuck for ideas, then look no further as we have done some idea searching for you. Take a look at our list below and see if any stick out for you.


Blogging was one of the first business models to come out of the internet. Blogs are online magazines, where people write about their lives, hobbies, advice etc. There are many blogs out there, so you have to find your niche in the market. Write about something you are interested in and what other people would benefit from reading. Popular sectors include beauty, finance, lifestyle or fitness. When setting up your blog, you will need a good understanding of writing, digital marketing, keywords and search engine ranking. For beginners setting up your website on a platform such as WordPress, Wix or Squarespace would be most beneficial. 

Youtuber / Vlogger

In recent years the popularity of creating youtube videos has skyrocketed with people earning money from each video. Don’t think it’s an easy task, you won’t become an instant star from uploading one or two videos unless you are ridiculously lucky. You will need to build up your subscribers and likes per video before you see any sort of income. Choose a narrative that you enjoy and that your viewers will enjoy watching every week, you will need to be consistent uploading as being lapse with it will lose you subscribers. Once you get a following, you might start to get approached by brands looking for you to advertise their product in return for money. Make sure they suit your branding before agreeing and always make it clear that it is a paid ad when advertising it, for example, you wouldn’t advertise something from the Beverage Industry if your videos are about crafts.


If you are someone that is creative and good with their hands, then why not sell some homemade crafts. Whatever you like to create, if you market it correctly to the right target audience, you can sell your handmade crafts. Use platforms such as Etsy or Not on the high street to sell your items, then when you get enough traction, consider opening up your own online shop. When lockdown ends and things start to open up again, think about taking your handmade items to sell at craft fairs. 

Virtual Assistant

If you have experience in working as an assistant, then why not put those skills to good use and become a freelance virtual assistant. With most people working at home it might be a little hard for a business to stay organised. Be proactive and contact businesses that you think might benefit from your services. If you get a lot of interest, you can start to grow and outsource work to other virtual assistants. 


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