The Principles Behind Office Spaces That Inspire Hard Work

In the past, firms believed that the purpose of office spaces was to provide shelter to their employees and space for people to share ideas. But over the years, that utilitarian attitude has changed. Brands no longer see their offices as facilities, but more as tools. 

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The reason for this is pretty simple: you can construct offices in such a way that they inspire hard work. Getting the formula right can massively improve productivity, encouraging workers to put their all into their work, allowing you to get the best out of them. 

But what are the principles behind highly effective offices? Let’s take a look. 


Create A Space That Accommodates Different Personalities

No two workers are the same. Some people love working in hectic, open plan environments where there is constant noise and people coming and going. Others prefer to work in silence or solitude, and just concentrate on their work. 

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The problem is that most companies approach their offices with the idea that everyone who works for them is the same. That’s not true. People are completely different from each other and need spaces that complement their personalities. 

If you check out many upmarket rentable office spaces, you’ll discover that they provide many different environments. You get enclosed offices, small collaboration areas, games rooms, and workbenches for impromptu meetings. 

Ideally, you should try to create a similar setup in your office. Don’t specify a particular seating plan. Instead, allowing flexible working and hotdesking. 


Create A Tranquil Environment

Most companies use an HVAC with a Visqueen gas barrier to maintain a constant internal environment in the office. Keeping the temperature and humidity at optimal levels throughout the year makes it easy for colleagues to work hard and get the job done. 

Creating a tranquil environment, however, isn’t always easy, especially when you have a lot of people packed into a small space. 

The trick, again, is to focus on creating zones – separate areas that correspond to worker mood. In one area, for instance, you might have lots of plants and an indoor waterfall to create a relaxing atmosphere. In another, you might have paintings on the walls, or something beautiful that people can look at for inspiration. You might even experiment with releasing aromas into the environment and getting people to feel better that way. 


Get Your Food Right

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If left to their own devices, many workers will choose to eat junk. And that’s a problem. While their bodies might be able to withstand it for a short period, over the long term, it’ll take its toll, affecting their productivity and desire to work. 

As an employer, you can’t tell your employees what they should eat. But you can incentivize them to improve their diets. If you have the facilities, try creating delicious, convenient meals for them. Make it so that if they want something unhealthy, they have to walk for it. Companies that get employees’ diets right typically see fewer sick days and higher productivity as a natural consequence. 

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