Why Google loves fresh articles on your site

If you’re in business, there are an abundance of reasons to keep your site regularly updated with fresh content. I’ll look at more of these reasons in future articles, but right now I want to talk about Google. If you’re easier to find on Google search, you’ll win more business. If you want to rank higher on Google, quality, relevant articles are an effective method of achieving that goal. The reason why is easy. Google’s goal is to provide its audience with the best possible search experience. With this in mind, the rest falls into place.

Google likes updated sites

First reason. Google’s search prioritises recently updated sites. In their quest to provide the best search results, they want to recommend a site that is still alive, curated and loved. If you search something on Google and you’re returned pages that have similar titles, but one is from 2017 and the other from 2012, which one will you click? Google’s search bots scour the web for new pages to index. If you give them something, anything, even a small image change, they notice. However, new articles are the most effective way to let the bots know your site is still functioning.


Next come keywords. Keywords aren’t as important as they used to be, but they still provide an opportunity to rank highly in your chosen niche. Newly published articles are a method of getting your relevant keywords on your site. As part of their goal to provide optimum search results, Google focuses more on quality nowadays. There is no need to stuff your article with your keywords anymore, just keep it natural and let Google’s algorithms do the rest. Trust me, as a writer, it’s better this way. I’m extremely glad the days of shoehorning three-word phrases into articles are over.


Another component to your Google search ranking is authority. Google wants to recommend the highest quality sites. Those would be the sites with the most pages, visitors and quality backlinks. Articles add to your score in all three of these ways. If you post a new article, that’s a new page. If it provides value, people will visit it, link to it and share it around. That leads on to the subject of social shares. Google says they don’t use the number of social shares in their search ranking algorithm. However, it seems they measure engagement. As long as they’re informative, relevant and entertaining, articles promote engagement, through clicks and dwell time.

So we’ve seen why Google loves fresh articles, as they fit in with their overarching goal of providing their audience with the best available search experience. So why doesn’t every business put new articles on their site? Writing articles takes time, which many business owners, or their team, don’t have. Fair enough. Furthermore, some feel they don’t have the necessary writing skills. Also a fair point. I’m a natural writer, but I’m still finding my way in business.

This week I’ve launched the Blog Bundle, designed to take the hassle out of consistently publishing quality content on your site. If that’s something you’re interested in, let’s talk. Email me at mike@mikethewriter.co.uk

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