Why I love copywriting for startups

As I’ve mentioned many times in my articles, I can write about anything. I’ve also said that as you’re growing your copywriting business you don’t have to narrow your focus to succeed. However, I’ve found myself, more by accident than design, niching down, and it’s great. Rather than fight against it, I’ve embraced it. I’ve redesigned my website, wrote myself a cutting-edge new hashtag, and generally changed the way I position my business. Welcome to Copywriting For Startups!

Copywriting for Startups

I’ve started actively courting startups. The industry they’re starting up in isn’t the niche. I’m still writing in a wide range of industries, from small, pioneering marketing, design and social media agencies, to interior designers and eLearning companies.

I’m only interested in the size and operating stage of the client. I love to work with people that are trying to change the rules of the game, trying to change the face of their chosen industry, to make a better world.

You may be thinking, ‘Sure Mike, you’re just putting a brave face on the fact that big clients don’t want to work with you.’ That’s not right, however. I’ve written for huge companies in the past, such as Boots and British Gas, but I much prefer copywriting for startups. Here’s why.

Tangible results

When I write for a startup, I get to see the tangible results of what I create. Every piece of writing is designed to achieve a goal for the client. If a client hits that goal, my writing has been an integral part of their success. It’s not been lost in a ‘marketing mix’, and there’s no agency account manager trying to take credit for it. I stand or fall by the quality of my work and the results it produces.

The right people

When you work with startups you report to the people who run the company. You get to know the people who are financially and emotionally invested in the success of the business. Mixed messages aren’t a problem anymore. There are no here-today-gone-tomorrow agency middlemen, or marketing managers who see you as a small cog in the wheel. You’re straight through to the decision makers, the people who can’t afford to waste money, the real workers.


Another great thing about working with startups, is that being a startup myself, I can learn from them. When you’re dealing with people trying to build a business, you know they’ve faced, or are facing, the same challenges you are. How are they dealing with them? What stories and tips can they share? It’s a great opportunity to share knowledge that you don’t get working with big clients.


Even though I’ve niched down now, I still get to write about a wide variety of topics. Personally, I find tech hugely interesting, so the opportunity to play a small part in bringing innovative new products to market really appeals to me. In a world where everyone is chasing the big deals, the big clients, I’m going the other way and going after the smaller fish. I’d recommend it to anyone.

If you’re a startup, you already know the benefits of having fresh, engaging content on your site. You know that you need content consistently to help with SEO, to build your brand and to make sales. If you need help making that content, I’d love to hear from you. You can reach me at mike@mikethewriter.co.uk

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