Why Working From Home Saves You Money

There are so many benefits to working from home, such as more flexibility and better mental and physical health- but one, in particular, is that it saves you money. Here are a few reasons why. 

No commute

One of the main ways working from home will save you, is the fact you have no commute. There are no costs or time at all associated with getting to your workplace, you can get up in the morning and you’re ready to work. Commute costs can really add up whether you use public transport or drive, and not only that but they’re time-consuming and stressful. If you’re used to spending an hour each way commuting to work, working for yourself can feel like such a luxury and free up precious time and money that you can spend elsewhere. 

No uniform/ special clothes

If you wear a specific uniform for work, this will sometimes (but not always) be provided for free. However, if you lose or need to replace an item or want to upgrade things like work boots to a better model then this will generally be on you to do. Even if your work doesn’t require uniform, chances are you’ll have to spend money on a work wardrobe of relatively smart items which come out of your own pocket. When you work for yourself you don’t need to worry about spending on certain clothes, you can just buy what you want that you’re comfy in. Things you like and would wear anyway, so you’re not spending extra cash on things that you only wear to work. You can even stay in pyjamas some days if you want to! 

Food and drink

Food and drink at work can start getting really costly. If you don’t pack a lunch and eat from a canteen or local cafe or fast food joint every day then that’s at least a few pounds. If you frequent coffee shops then that’s a few pounds more. Of course, you can save money by bringing your own lunch, but chances are you’ll still be buying ‘packed lunch’ type items which can be more expensive. When you work from home, you’re not being tempted each lunchtime, you can prepare fresh whatever you want to eat or just grab a simple sandwich that won’t be soggy and horrible from sitting in a lunchbox all day. You have access to the kettle whenever you want so can prepare your own hot drinks without spending a fortune in Starbucks. 


The only thing to bear in mind when you’re working from home, is that being in all day can mean bills are ever so slightly higher than they would be if you were out for work. However, there are ways you can keep these down. Stick to working in one room, instead of heating and putting lights on all over the house you can just light and heat the room you’re in. You don’t even need to put the central heating on, get yourself an oil burner and sign up to a company like New Era Fuels. Avoid putting the tv on as background noise, or generally leaving things on around the home as you don’t need them on while you’re working anyway. 

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